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A Fun Ride To A Fitter Tomorrow


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Fit trip is our humble effort to encourage connectivity, knowledge, and boost confidence in the fitness community. In simple terms, we bring to you mentors from every aspect of health and fitness - take your fitness freaks, sportspersons, mental health warriors, medical professionals, dancers, actors, or that one person who just can’t put their dumbbells down, we have them all! We give you a chance to interact and learn from these incredible mentors and dip into their inexhaustive knowledge base. 

This journey towards a fitter tomorrow is to inspire confidence and self love in you, to help you unlearn what doesn’t work for you, and to connect with a like minded community that motivates you and gives your fitness journey the right direction. Fit trip gives you exposure to a world of fitness that might otherwise be out of our reach. 


Who are the people behind Fittrip?

Fittrip was started by and is associated with ‘TheDMK’ - a fitness, health, and lifestyle company founded by Disha Methi Khandelwal. Disha and her team are passionate fitness enthusiasts who strive to spread their passion far and wide by educating and encouraging more and more people towards taking their first step to fitness. 

Disha started out as a choreographer; her passion for dance led her to discover Zumba from where her fitness journey took off. She has since combined dance and fitness to inspire hundreds of people to reach their Super self! Not only exercise, Disha guides her clients into leading an overall fitter lifestyle. She personally tracks every clients progress and unique requirements and guides them with diets, mental health and lifestyle tips so that they can live a fuller, more fulfilled life. No wonder she has had over 1500 clients so far and barely any disappointed ones. 

She has been recognized locally and nationally for her achievements and efforts and this is exactly the kind of noteworthiness she and her team aim to bring to everything they do. Fittrip is a product of her love and passion for always taking fitness one step further. 

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Achieved massive success online

Debunked myths

Beat the pandemic

Hosted an impressive lineup of mentors

Organized 10 Fittrip events online

What we have done - achievements

Explored multiple fitness arenas

Collected valuable pearls of wisdom for our archives

What do you get out of it?

Get all your doubts clarified

Meet experts from every field

Debunk myths

Learn from the best

Expose yourself to new ways of staying fit

Learn multiple ways to reach one goal

Explore and discover yourself, find out what works best for you

Find a like-minded community

Get to meet new people

Our Mission

As a group of fitness nuts, our mission is simple - educating more and more people about fitness and promoting healthy living, a better lifestyle, and most importantly self love! 

Fittrip operates with the motive of spreading awareness about fitness, nutrition, mental health, and lifestyle. We debunk myths, make sure information is filtered before it reaches you, expose you to every possible way of staying fit and healthy and help you choose what works best for you, make you a part of an active community, answer queries and clear doubts, help you find your people who motivate and encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle, and connect you with professionals from every possible field. 


Our Aim

We aim to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. We want fitness to be a household word. We want to make it accessible to everyone and help you believe that it is all within your reach, that your efforts can truly make a difference. 

People with busy lifestyles, people who are constantly striving towards degrees or promotions think they barely have the time for themselves, for keeping fit and healthy. We are here to help you realise that if neglected, your lifestyles may not be what you would like it to be a few years from now. 

Fittrip aims to educate the masses that fitness is very much achievable. Fitness is the need of the hour. You don’t need to have a ton of free time to work towards it. There is more than one way to achieve your goals. With the right kind of exposure to information and professionals, we believe that we can help your students/employees take the first step to fitness. With all the work they are putting in to reach places in life, they very much need and deserve it! 


Why is fitness important among youth/corporates?

Youth today is subjected to a number of things that weren’t prevalent a few years ago. Sitting around at home playing video games, finishing a project on the internet, or even taking snacks out of a vending machine, these are behaviours associated especially with the present youth. With screen time going up, movement has declined, obesity is at an all time high, and development is not ideal. Eating habits, childhood lifestyles, physical activity, everything has changed. 

In this environment, sedentary lifestyles are normal, sitting for prolonged hours, living inactive lives is something that is common not only with youth but even with most adults. Most jobs happen in front of the computer which again means sitting for a major portion of the day. Unlike a few decades ago, where little things like washing clothes, or sweeping the house were done by hand, things today are slightly different. 

So how do we deal with this massive lifestyle change? The first step is to recognize and acknowledge the problem at hand - reduced movement. We do not participate in very many activities anymore that require us to exert our body to accomplish a task. So where does all that unused energy go? It gets stored in our body as fat which causes obesity and a number of other diseases at a very young age. 

Youth especially, in their formative years, if not active can run into signs of their body ageing much faster than normal. Laziness, lethargy, depression, etc, are linked to inactivity and lack of movement or exercise. If not developed as it should while young, the body can be lacking in many irreparable ways. Obesity is the biggest problem that the youth today are facing and the junk food trend is popular than ever. We only need an excuse to eat out. The lack of consciousness, awareness, and information is what might be the last straw in the youth’s struggle towards fitness. 

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