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A one-week mentorship program for empowered women who want to elevate their power!

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Life has been a little crazy during this pandemic.

Many of us have not been feeling our best this year, and we want to start being the best version of ourselves. 


My SELF-CARE CHEAT WEEK mentorship program (inclusive of live sessions) will help you reset, recharge, re-focus, and help you take it to the next level. The week will make you understand how you can harness the tone of your inner self to elevate your end!

  • Are you constantly prioritizing other people?

  • Are you not taking care of your health and well-being?

  • Are you ready to step into your authority?

  • Are you ready to start making a difference yet?

Stick around, and I’ll show you just that!

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We realize that it has been a tough year. Most of us have faced problems concerning work, emotions, and our mental and physical wellness. 


We are fighting through the new normal. Most of us are starting to get immersed in studies, world news, work, family, and everything but YOU! 


This self-care cheat week is dedicated to you and your needs so that you can have a fuller sense of your well-being.


We will mentor you through this one-week program to make you love yourself, helping you enter your world with a beautiful mind tone so that you can prioritize YOUR self, health, and happiness. This week, you can figure out what self-care tool works for you.

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When this entire pandemic hit the country, I was just like you! Taking a real good vacation time, binging on Netflix, relaxing, and getting to know the space I was in properly.


This started to get boring and monotonous very quickly. I had no idea about my further studies or how to kickstart my work. Moreover, I started living in self-doubt, wholly disconnected from the world, with no clarity of what the future holds.

Stressing about all this was overwhelming and made me think there was something wrong with me.


One day, I put my self-doubt aside and decided to start something that would benefit women who were in a similar situation to me. I charted out a 14-day non-stop fitness session for women, for free which developed into something much more prominent as I advanced.


This made me feel better, and I eventually started taking good care of myself and did activities that helped to stabilize myself and my well-being.


This Self-Care Cheat Week has come together similarly. After talking to a lot of women and teenagers, I realized that so many of us are going through the same thing – even in the new normal.

And! This is why we put together

Self Care Cheat Week

In the SCCW, I will be pulling back the curtain and taking you behind-the-scenes of my journey, methods, and tools that helped me.

And, of course, I will be providing you with some more scientifically and experimentally backed up ways of self-care, so you can improve your mental and physical wellness to get the

BEST START ever for your New Year!

We have complete faith and trust that if you follow the framework and hit all the beats, this will be the best gift you can give to yourself this New Year!


Self- love has never been more important to shed light on. 


So, why not take control of yourself by following our advice and guidance in this week-long program?

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Join Now And Get 

EveryDay Workout Sessions and...

Day 1

- How to maintain Healthy Balanced Diet

- How to create your Space

- Learn to plan your Day/Week

- Learn about Gratitude

Day 2

- Carving out your Purpose

- Why Positive Self-Talk

- How to Start Journaling

Day 3

- Body Care

- Personal Mantras

Day 4

- How to create a different perspective

- Self Pampering

- Discussion Day

Day 5

- How to maintain Healthy Relationships

- Learning Self-Responsibility

- Spreading your Aura

Day 6

- Lookback Day

- Prep-Up Future

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