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The DMK Company is a health, fitness, and lifestyle enhancement initiative with the motto - ‘Energize the fitter you'. Our simple aim is to inspire the advancement of the community through fitness and mindfulness, which we dedicatedly strive to achieve. We work actively towards helping you attain a healthy mind and a healthy body which we intend to bring about through motivation, mindfulness, and body positivity. We believe that fitness is not just a regime, it’s a lifestyle and we try and induce this into everyone we get the privilege of working with. By this, we hope to encourage more and more people to live a more active and energetic lifestyle.


To pave the way for fitness, we have designed unique fitness programs that cater exclusively to individual client needs - The 24 days Challenge, The 60-day Transformation Challenge, Zumba Queens, and a lot more. 

As a company, we are known for conducting numerous Zumba workshops across the city, moreover, across the corporate world. We attempt to get you out of those chairs and get moving! We are also recognized for our sangeet choreographies at weddings where you can often find us grooving to a Bollywood beat! 


Meet Our Head Trainer!

Disha Methi Khandelwal

Founder and Head Trainer

Disha Methi Khandelwal is a post-graduate in Finance with an entrepreneurial spirit and love for dance. She founded ‘The DMK Company’ to pursue her passion for fitness and to fuel her entrepreneurial spirit. Disha is dedicated towards helping others achieve their fitness goals, inspiring others to lead a healthier lifestyle, and integrating her passion for dance and fitness. 

Disha discovered Zumba at quite a young age. Zumba, bodyweight training, nutrition, wellness, advanced level workouts, etc are merely a drop in the oceanic possibilities of fitness she excels in. 2800+ sessions, 1500+ students, and 200+ fitness events later, she is well-established and respected as one of the leading fitness influencers in the city. She has received both local and national recognition for her strides towards a fitter tomorrow.  


We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, especially in the corporate world. The corporate world demands a lot of sitting around as field work is minimal. This sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on your body as well as your mind if you can’t find enough time in the day to work out. While dealing with such a challenge, it is important to incorporate activity into your regular life for which, it is first important to know how from a professional. 

That's why we offer customized fitness programs for companies and their employees. Our programs are designed to improve overall wellness, increase productivity, and reduce stress in the workplace.

Fitness sessions, both workouts, and seminars are gaining a lot of traction in the corporate world. Employees are worried about their health while employers are worried about their employees. Increasingly, such events are being organized to inspire and motivate their employees to add activity to their daily routines. 

Our team of experienced trainers and health professionals will work with you to create a program that fits the unique needs of your company and employees.

In striving towards a fitter tomorrow, The DMK Company organizes various fitness events across the corporate sector to promote well-being and health among its employees. These range from Zumba to Employee Wellness and various other fitness sessions. 

By investing in the health and well-being of your employees, you can create a more positive and productive work environment. 

Our programs are designed for employees at all fitness levels and can be tailored to suit any schedule. Let us help you create a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.


Zumba is The Ultimate workout routine.

If your workouts never seem to get over, leave you tired and stressed out, and you can’t seem to shake the thought - ‘when can I go back to not working out again?’, it’s time to switch up your workout routine!

Zumba is the perfect way to destress while getting in your set cardio for the day. Not only that, Zumba helps you tone your full body at once all while keeping the workout blues at bay.  Only an hour of dance fitness fun every day can improve as many things as your heart health, blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, tiredness, flexibility, confidence, etc. 


Zumba is a much-needed escape from the traditional workout route. It lightens up the process of staying fit and motivates you to keep going until it very much becomes a part of your lifestyle. 


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We work with companies to organise Zumba sessions for employees of 45 minutes to an hour in duration. These sessions give the employees a refreshing break while helping them experience the fun of dance fitness. This in turn motivates them to make it a part of their daily lives as they realise that working out can be fun too! 


Fitness Challenges

We work with companies to organize individual or combination workout modules, which could be spread over a few hours to activities all quarter long. These modules include options like Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, Zumba, Aerobics, Bodyweight workouts, S&C training, and many more workout formats. We innovate by turning these into challenges, to excite the employees to not just take part in them, but also, unleash their potential. 

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Employee Wellness

With this initiative we aim to get to the bottom of both mental and physical health issues that a corporate employee may face and offer creative and helpful ways to combat them. Our sessions address these issues, welcome input from the participants, provide informative solutions, and accept all feedback. 


"It was good to get off the chairs for once and do something physically demanding at work. These sessions should definitely become a routine here in the office!"


"Zumba was so destressing! I could never have imagined a workout to be this relieving. Disha is so energetic, got to learn so much from her! For once, we weren’t thinking about work at the office."


"Such a helpful session. Disha is a magician! She came in with her energy and charm and just casually blew the roof of this place. The Zumba session was a welcome break from our regular routines." 

Our Clientele

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